My day to day life


Not a major update but wanted to update that I added a new cursor to the site. It's a little knife! Here's an enlarged PNG of the regular cursor and the hover cursor.


It's almost 1:30 am. I really meant to go to bed no later than midnight tonight but I should know better. There's many things I struggle with, and getting to bed at a reasonable time is at least five of them. Well, it's been over a year since my last update so what to say. Well, things with Loverboy and a mutual friend got stupid. I won't get into it but suffice to say, I've never felt more like I was the stable one in a relationship until I saw what mutual friend said about me behind my back. It's been months now so I'm pretty well moved on. Since then, I've had another job! It didn't end well, since I slipped at it and sprained my ankle so bad that I still have pain when the weather gets colder and the job never ended up paying me. That's another thing I suck at. I don't keep jobs well, not because I get fired but because I get sick of it and decide to jump ship. You'd think at 24 years old, I'd be able to stay in a minimum wage job without psyching myself out. Oh! I'm 24 now, by the way. That's the way time works, you know? Since it's been a while, I've aged. I just had my birthday a few days ago and was gifted a copy of Silent Hill 2 and a copy of Phantasmagoria so I'm pretty excited about that. I've got two foster dogs that we've had almost half a year now. They weren't meant to be here long but, for reasons I've been asked not to disclose, they have. I love them a lot and, even if they're VERY energetic and messy, I don't want to get rid of them. Hmmm.... Well, since last posting, I also got a new tattoo: Sal's guitar on the back of my right leg. I'm still drawing regularly. I think I may update my art page to be newest to oldest the way this blog page now is (I just changed it today). I guess I should go ahead and shower and get ready for bed. I've applied at three or four jobs tonight so let's hope someone kills me in my sleep. I'm joking...kind of.


Its been a while so a few things have happened. Loverboy blocked me and all our mutual friends which was rough at the time but gave me time to reexamine how I really felt about the relationship and I'm sad to say that I'm still dealing with the mental repercussions of the relationship (the cheating, mostly) but I'll be fine. I've been replaying Sally Face again for a new group (the people from this website) and we're most of the way through episode 4, meaning that it was a pretty depressing discord call. The people seem to enjoy it, at least! Last night I went to a concert (Silent Planet) which was great. I moshed for the first time since highschool and got bodied right away. It was great and the music was amazing. I got a hat from the merch stand that's too small for my head and makes me look like Jimbo Jones. Uhhhh what else to update on....Ah! I got a new tattoo since my last update. I also quit the job I started last update (I had HORRIBLE headaches from the lights there so it wasn't sustainable) and now the only thing I have like a job is doing art commissions while I work on getting my license. Lastly: I started a new battle vest that's all patches and no pins since the pins kept falling off and was too heavy for long concerts. I like it so far but my slipknot and korn patches already frayed off so I have to remake them and use machine stitching on them. Maybe I'll add a patch for Silent Planet while I'm at it.


Hey, blog, long time no updates. A few updates: Loverboy and I broke up. We've just recently started talking again as friends. I got a new job that I'm not great at but I think I'm okay with the customers and it gives me ample opportunity to practive my spanish. I'm working on trying to lose some weight since I haven't been eating healthy at ALL. But the biggest thing I think has happened since I last updated is I went to a horror convention and got to meet some of my heroes. None of them were mean but Matthew Lillard was super nice. He complimented my vest! I don't have good scans of the photos yet but here's me with the cast of Scream, with Tony Todd in his Candyman gear, and Tom Savini (we actually had time to talk!) I may upload a better picture if I can scan them in.


I haven't posted on here in a while. I haven't been busy or anything, just lazy. I've still been drawing but I post it to my tumblr instead recently. I don't know how much I'll keep this website up but at least I figured I should update on this. I'm sure anyone who sees this already knows what happened but Joey Jordison has passed away. I've been pretty fucking distracted by it, honestly. I loved this dude's music even if I didn't know him personally, his death is weighing heavily on me. Feels like Paul all over again but I'd barely gotten into Slipknot when Paul passed away so this is a bit more intense. I didn't even know who Paul Gray was before he died, really. But Joey? Joey I thought was super cool. Mostly in Slipknot and Murderdolls but I even just liked the fact he was a cat dad. I hope his family is doing okay and I hope on the off chance some maggot sees this, they're also okay. Rest in Peace, #1.


I've only barely gotten up (despite it being almost 2 in the after noon) after spending all night binge watching Daria for some reason. I don't have the best sleeping habits as this is pretty common. I contacted my boss (technically, not my boss as I'm not an official employee) to hopefully pick up some work. I really want to get the cash to be able to go to Rocklahoma with my boyfriend, Loverboy, and whilst they're willing to pay, I don't want that kind of stress on them alone. Loverboy is a bit too selfless for their own good. That aside, I awoke with the idea of asking my parents if they mind if I raid their CDs. I've been looking at buying a few new ones like I did the other day when I recalled how most of my music tastes are inherrited from my mother (This realization was spurred, at least particially, by her going through old clothing of hers and me realising how many of the band shirts I recognise from my own playlists). I haven't had a chance to go through her colection yet but I was able to snag Dookie by Green Day and Nirvana Unplugged. I have Nirvana playing right now. We just got a 5 disk CD player that is yet to be set up but as my collection grows, my excitement does too!


It's a bit after 1am right now. I just finished watching The Matrix with my dad and eldest brother (he's 15). I can't believe I've never seen it before and man am I glad I didn't watch it in passing like I do with a lot of films. I prefer to know before I watch a movie so I can make sure I'm paying attention. Other than that, I spent most the day in the basement drawing and making a new playlist. It's mostly just I grabbed a few albums I like and tossed them into a playlist. I should add more Green Day as well. Anyway, here's the link if anyone is interested. I'm working on a drawing to practice how I draw smoke. I think I make it a bit too vague and puffy so I'm using some more distinct lines now. If I finish it, I'll post it to art.


I went to the mall yesterday with my family. We were buying one last gift for my youngest brother's birthday. He just turned 8 on friday. In the morning before we left, I accidentally spilled black nail polish on my new slipknot shirt which made me consider how lucky I am the nail polish is the same colour as my shirt. It's a first world problem but I'm still glad it didn't stain. At the mall, my brother got some new lego sets and the new miitopia game. I got two t shirts from hot topic (one was a Green Day shirt for the 8 y/o because he likes Green Day, the other was a korn shirt for myself) and two cds. I intended to get 3 but the only Nine Inch Nails CD they had wasn't really my taste. I got IF by Mindless Self Indulgence on CD and a Nirvana CD. Then I got to visit my old coworkers at Spencer's (I worked there during the holiday season) and it made me realise how much I miss working there. The people there are very nice and supportive even though I'm annoying as balls. When I got home, I started working on programming this website and here we are.