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Based on these.

Image description A drawing of Vikki from What Happens Next from the shoulders up. She's a medium tanned woman with a straight nose, black bob hair cut, and black makeup, double pierced ears, and a choker with a pentagram charm on it. She has thick rectangular framed glasses on. Her expression appears bored. Next to her is a seperate drawing of Gage from What Happens Next. Gage is a light skinned masc leaning nonbinary character with shoulder length ginger hair and brown roots. He has patchy ginger facial hair and brown eyebrows. They're wearing a pair of yellow tinted glasses and have snake bite piercings and stud earrings.

You should read What Happens Next if you like my blog. I'm really enjoying it

Image description A drawing showing Sally Face characters Todd, Ash, Sal, and Larry standing behind a metal temporary fence and watching a parade. Behind them is a brick wall with a white banner painted with the pink words "we're here, we're queer, get used to it!" Todd is a slightly fat light skinned man with curly orange hair and circular, thick rimmed glasses. He's wearing a blue t shirt, cargo shorts, and two pins, one showing the rainbow flag and the other showing the gay bear flag. Next to him is Ash, a light skinned girl with green eyes and long auburn hair pulled into a ponytail. She's wearing a purple tanktop, black shorts, and grey semi transparent tights with faint patterns on them under the shorts. Next to her is Sal, a boy with electric blue hair in pigtails, a prosthetic face with a lilac section, double pierced ears, and a black t shirt dress over burgundy pants and a long sleeved white shirt. He is wearing a white pin with blue text that reads "biology is not destiny" and holding a miniature flag that shows biangles, a symbol showing two intersecting triangles that are pink and blue, making purple where they overlap. Lastly is Larry, a medium tan boy with long brown hair, a large nose, bags under his eyes, and a mole on his right cheek. He is leaning on the fence and is wearing jeans and a black t-shirt that reads "Transexual menace" with the word 'menace' in a dripping blood font. They all look pleased to be at the event.

The four at pride in a neighboring city! Neil had to work and couldn’t join, unfortunately. Happy birthday, gay people!

Image description A drawing of Maka Albarn from Soul Eater as a young adult. Maka has light skin, blonde hair, and green eyes. Her hair is in a ponytail and she's wearing large, knee high black goth boots with white straps and torn black tights under. She has on a high waisted red plaid pleated mini skirt, white button down with a black tie, and a black leather jacket over it. She's smiling and looking off to the side with a blue messenger bag on her hip.

Back in January I got this crazy idea I’d redesign the main Soul Eater cast as young adults (like early 20s) so I drew Crona then left the idea until June when I drew this. At my current rate, they’ll be in their 30s when I’m done.

Image description A drawing showing Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7 standing covered in blood and cuts, his eyes wide and his pupils contracted to slits. His mouth is agape in shock and he's looking down at at the ground near his feet.

Finally beat FF7

Image descriptions Two different images. The first is a drawing showing two female characters, one of them being of Asian decent with a black wolf cut and very lean in proportion. Her eyes are deep brown and she looks somewhat bored. The other girl is a plus sized Irish girl with long, curly ginger hair, freckles, and blue eyes. She had a hand to her jaw in a cutesy pose. The second is a drawing showing the same two characters, the first girl is split at her waist, just above her hips wirh her top half is held aloft by large leathery wing, and her torso has organs hanging from it. The other girl with long, curly light blue hair that falls in front of her bloood shot eyes. Her eyes give the impression of having cried recently.

Made two new ocs based on folklore. Their names are Saiko and Niamh. Saiko is a manananggal and Niamh is a banshee.

Image description A drawing made to look like a tiktok screenshot. It shows Metal Family characters Chive/Ches and Glam lounging in a bed together. Chive is leaned back with his arm behind his head and Glam is sitting up and holding his guitar still. They're making eye contact and having a conversation with affectionate expressions. The text over it reads "are all guitar players like this"

Drew this as Glam and Chive/Ches.

Here's a version without the text
Image descriptuon A drawing of Todd from Sally Face leaning against a window of a submarine with his back turned to it and reading a clipboard. Behind him, without his noticing, are three sea dwelling humanoids based off of the Sally Face characters Sal, Larry, and Ash. Sal has warm beige skin from his collar bone up. Below he has a light blue wish half, fading in from scales. He has shoulder length electric blue hair and a white, wooden mask. He is wearing a black sash. Ash is an octomaid, a human woman from the waist up and an octopus from the waist down. Her skin is grey and fades into a dark purple on her tentacles. Her hair is long and auburn, with her sclera blue and her iris green. She's wearing a black sleeveless top. Larry is a humanoid sea creature, with legs and a long tail, completely covered in dusty orange scales. Instead of long brown hair, he has brown tendrils atop his head. He has webbed hands and feet, and is wearing tattered shorts and a tank top. Instead of a mole, he has a few discolored scales on his cheek.

A mermay drawing for 2024. I did one of just Sal last year. I had a lot of fun designing these, especially Larry.

Image description A drawing of a girl with medium light skin, completely black eyes, and long black hair. She has straight bangs and her hair falls down her shoulders. She's wearing a long black dress, much like that of Morticia Addams', but with red splatters on the long sleeves and the bottom of the dress. She has pointed ears and is holding a large sickle down at her side.

Just a drawing of my oc, Guldia, that I made on iPad.

Image description A side profile drawing of Larry Johnson from Sally Face. His hair is more detailed than the artist usually draws, with more flow to it and visible volume.

Just finished this at 1:10 am. I wanted to draw him again before I have class at 9 am tomorrow so. I did it, but at what cost?

Image description A semi realistic drawing of Larry Johnson from Sally Face. He has light tanned skin, long brown hair, a large nose, and dark bags under his brow eyes. He has a mole on his right cheek and is smiling at the viewer.

More semi realism practice but this one I'm not super happy with. He just looks so uncanny. I think it's because Sal's deforminities allowed me to make him look a bit more cartoony? I don't know. Well, practice is practice.

Image description A digital painting of Sal Fisher from the videogame Sally Face with his prosthetic face removed to reveal his scarred face and a slight smile. He has his blue hair in pigtails and double pierced ears.

Drew Sal in a semi realistic style today to practice shading. I think I've improved a lot.

Image description A drawing showing Larry from Sally Face skateboarding down a sidewalk. One of his knees is scrapped with some visible blood and the jeans torn at the injury but he's smiling anyway.

I just started classes again so my art is suffering as I have less time/energy to draw.

Image description A point of view image of Larry from Sally Face standing in front of a broken bathroom mirror while holding his right hand by the wrist to examine the glass shards stuck in it. The mirror is broken from around the center with pieces missing, some visible on the rim of the sink. In the sink itself is a shard showing a reflection of the red eyed demon, a shadowy figure with glowing red eyes.

Larry’s a bit on edge. He thought he saw something and took a swing before fully considering the consequences.

Image description A drawing showing Finaly Fantasy 7 character Sephiroth holding the head of Jenova. Sephiroth is a man with light skin and silver hair, wearing a long black leather jacket with matching boots that have silver cuffs along with his wrist cuffs being the same way. He holds a blood soaked katana in one hand and raises the severed head in the other. The head is that of a woman with blue skin and similarly silver hair. One eye is covered by her hair and the other glows red. She has on a headpiece of metal that reads "JENOVA" but is obscured by her hair. Coming out of the top of her head are multiple tubes and wires.

Sephiroth modeled after “Perseus with the Head of Medusa” by Benvenuto Cellini

Image description A drawing showing a bird's eye view of Sal Fisher from Sally Face sitting in the grass and looking up at the viewer above. Sal has pale, de-saturated skin, blue eyes, electric blue hair in pigtails, and wears a mostly white full-face mask. He's squinting against the light and has one hand raised to help shade his eyes. The shadow over him indicates he's sitting beneath a tree.

Larry called from the treehouse. Sal's squinting to see him.

Image description A parody of the poster for The Lone Gunmen, an X-files spin off, with pre made sims 2 characters in the place of the original cast. The three characters, Vidcund, Pascal, and Lazlo Curious are all sitting around a desktop crt with simlish, an altered version of the Latin alphabet present in the sims universe, pulled up on the screen. All three brothers are turned away from the screen, looking up at the viewer inquisitively, Pascal adjusting his glasses and squinting. Over their heads is simlish in the same format as the logo for The Lone Gunmen.

I don't know why I got so into The Sims 2 again. I have another half finished drawing of Pascal on the roaster.

Image description A bust drawing of Larry Johnson from Sally Face grinning but his canines and lateral incisors are sharp like fangs. Larry is a boy with lightly tanned skin, dark bags under his brown eyes, a mole under his right eye, a large nose, and long brown hair.

So, in episode 4, if Sal says he thinks Rosenberg may have been an alien, Larry laments that if she was, it sucks that she didn’t have fangs or acid spit. I’m aware the joke is that Larry also doesn’t have these things and is unaware he’s half alien but also… Larry deserves fangs and at least somewhat acidic spit.

Image description Image one: A drawing showing Heather Mason from Silent Hill 3 in a modified version of Ash Campbell's outfit from Sally Face. Heather is a light skinned girl with a heavily freckled face and brown eyes. Her hair is in a messy bob cut and is bleached blonde with visible dark roots. She's wearing a white leather jacket over an orange t shirt, orange sneakers, and green capris with jagged ends. The left arm of her jacket is missing and the rest of her outfit shows many holes and tears on the left side of her body, including scorch marks on the jacket itself. Her left eye is black and her left arm, which she's holding up to examine, is splotched with dark crimson and black patches, darkest at her finger tips. She is wearing a choker with a charm on it that holds a small red stone. Image two: A drawing of Ashley Campbell from Sally Face in a modified version of the outfit of Heather Mason from Silent Hill 3. Ash is a light skinned girl with auburn hair cut into a messy bob. She's apprehensively holding a handgun and walking forward with her green eyes looking over her shoulder, emulating the pose of a piece of official art of Heather. She is wearing a black puffy vest with a sleeveless purple turtle neck under and a mauve jean skirt under. She has on light grey boots and a grey sweatband on her wrist.

Cross over art! Or more of a roleswitch, I guess. I used the memory of Alessa design for Heather's "empowered" arm.

Image description A drawing showing Larry from Sally Face with Sal riding his shoulders. Larry is a medium light skinned boy with long, messy brown hair, a prominent nose, a mole under his right eye, and eyebags. He is wearing a tan shirt with an S and F in a circle, the F ending in an arrow. Sal is a light skinned boy with a white mask in place of his face with a light pink section over his right eye. He has electric blue pigtails and is wearing torn burgundy jeans, a long sleeved black shirt, and a second black t shirt over it that reads "SANITY'S FALL 1993 NORTH AMERICAN TOUR" in white, though much of it is hidden by Larry's head. He has his right hand in the air making the "devil horns" hand sign while his other hand grabs Larry's head, making Larry look confused by the change in movement.

Sal and Larry at their first concert together. They're in the nosebleed seats.

Image description A drawing of Nervous Subject and Pascal Curious from The Sims 2 sitting at a table in a nice restaurant and holding hands. Nervous is drawn as a white passing black/white mixed man with a black mohawk, white t shirt, and surgical scars on his arms and under the collar of his t-shirt. Pascal is an asian man with black hair in side bands and round glasses. He has a blue shirt on with hibiscus flowers in a line over the middle of the shirt. The table has a glass vase with three roses and a candle stick on either side.

I got really really into sims 2 lore again for a bit. Kinda still not over it.

Image description A drawing of Sal Fisher from Sally Face covering his face with both hands, only allowing his left eye to be visible which stands stark white against the black of the shadows. His eye has a moving pupil that darts around anxiously.

I love drawing the weird nightmare segments.

This is a redraw, actually! I may link the original here later.

Image description A drawing of Sal Fisher from Sally Face in his nightmare from episode 2. He's shown as a child with light skin and shaggy blue hair, wearing brown shorts, short sleeved shirt, and shoes. He's sitting on a sidewalk with a broken chain link fence behind him and the sky an unnatural pinkish red. His hand is over his face so only one eye is visible, standing out with all the blood running down his face.

I love drawing the weird nightmare segments.

Image description A drawing showing Sal and Larry from Sally Face standing face to face in Larry's bedroom. Sal's mask is gone and he looks panicked at Larry, who is starring in shock with a bloody nose and holding Sal's hands down as if Sal was panicking.

Larry: Do you remember the first time I saw you without your mask?

Sally: How could I forget?

Larry: You were headbanging so hard, it flew right off and whacked me in the face! Heh.

Larry: You were so worried about my bloody nose that you didn’t even notice at first.

Sally: I felt bad.

Larry: Yeah, but then once I told you I was fine…. why did you cry?

Sally: Because you didn’t look away.

Image description A drawing showing Sally Face characters Diane and new born Sal Fisher. Diane is a light skinned woman with blonde hair, very messy in the drawing, and a tired but happy look on her face. She has hazel eyes and is holding the new born Sal to her chest. She is wearing a hospital gown and Sal is wrapped in a white blanket, his head covered with a thin amount of electric blue hair.

I love drawing the weird nightmare segments.

Let my friends pick which character to draw and was given Diane Fisher so here she is!

Image description A drawing of three characters recreating the "Twelfth Night" promotional image of the three main characters embracing longingly. Olivia kisses Viola who has a longing look to their face while Orsino has his head rested against Viola's shoulder, he and Olivia holding a sword between them so it is in front of Viola. The characters of Twelfth Night have been replaced by original characters. All three characters are Egyptian and dressed in ancient Egyptian garb. Phi, the woman in place of Olivia, has painted red lips, golden wrist cuffs, and curly, ginger hair. Asem, a man in place of Viola, has his black hair in twists, golden earrings the shape of ovals, and golden snake bite piercings. He has incredibly faint facial hair over his lip. Nef, a man in place of Orsino, has thick, black hair that nearly reaches his shoulders and a thick beard. His eyes are shut and he lays his head on Asem's shoulder, looking as if he envies Phi.

These are some characters I made and designed with my friends. The woman is Phi, the man in the middle is Asem, and the man behind him is Nef.

Image description A drawing of Sal and Larry from Sally Face sitting in Larry's darkened treehouse. Sal is watching Larry with his legs pulled up to his chest. He's wearing a black Nirvana hoodie and blue jeans. Larry is in a green shirt with the word "CORN" written in the "Korn" band's font and blue jeans. He has a flashlight under his chin to illuminate his features and a hand up in a claw like gesture as he talks.

I'm pretty happy with this one, if I'm being honest. It was my friend's idea and I like the way it came out. It feels a lot like how it felt to tell stories in the dark as a kid.

Image description A drawing of Larry Johnson from Sally Face with his hair in a braid over his shoulder.

There's not much to this, just wanted to draw some more Larry before my birthday so used it as an excuse to practive drawing braids.

Image description A drawing showing Todd and Neil from Sally Face. Neil, a muscular black man with cornrows and a scar across his throat, is hugging Todd from behind. Todd is a fat white man with a ginger hair, a beard, and body hair. He has a large scar diagonal across his chest.

This piece was the idea of a friend who is very against what happened to Neil at the end of Sally Face (aren't we all?) so I drew this for her, implying a universe where he was still kidnapped but survived his injurries, hence the scar. Of course, Todd is also there with his cross body scar from when the cultists cut him to summon the demon.

Image description A drawing showing Sal and Larry from Sally Face sitting on the green carpet of Larry's bedroom. Larry, who is wearing a grey tank top and green pj pants, is sitting in a patched up, orange bean bag and grinning at Sal. In his hand is a lit joint. Sal is sitting directly on the floor and holding a piece of cheese pizza. Sal doesn't have his mask on and has his glass eye removed. He is wearing a black t shirt with the Sanity's Fall logo on it, a pair of dark red shorts, and a pair of white socks. Between the two is an open pizza box with only one piece remaining. Behind them are posters, one reading "corn" in the font of the band "Korn" and the other being the start screen for the 1986 "The Legend Of Zelda" but instead read "The Legend Of Hilda"

This drawing is a redraw of one of my old drawings. You can see it here to compare.

Image description A drawing showing Lisa Johnson from Sally Face. She's wiping her forehead on the sleeve of her blue jumpsuit, with her usual brown glove in hand rather than being worn. She's smiling contently and is sweating.

Asked some friends who to draw and they chose Lisa!

Image description A drawing of Larry Johnson from Sally Face from a high vantage point, showing the character looking neutral with his hands in his pockets. He has lightly tanned skin, a long nose, bags under his eyes, and a mole under his right eye. His hair is long and brown, appearing messy and unstyled. He is wearing a brown t-shirt with a design showing an S and F in a circle with the F extending into an arrow outside of the circle, jeans, and brown shoes. The entire thing is done in cel shading

So, I drew this one as a part of a challenge called the "evil art style challenge" since the idea was to try and draw something without the things that make your art style unique. So I went with thinner lines, not all black line art, and cell shading. I don't think I did well since it doesn't look that different.

Image description An over the shoulder view of Sal Fisher from Sally Face playing Guitar. He has long electric blue hair in a ponytail. He's wearing blue converse, dark blue-grey jeans, a black t-shirt and a long sleeved burgundy shirt under it. Sal has double pierced ears and a white mask in place of his face.

Sal playing guitar. He only has a ponytail since Gizmo stole one of his scrunchies and hid it under his bed.

Here's some art from the end of 2023 and the first week or so of 2024

Image description A drawing of Sally Face character Larry, Sal, Ash, and Todd in that order on a grey background. Larry has one hand on Sal's shoulder and the other making a 'devil's horns/rock on' sign. He is wearing the Sanity's Fall shirt he does as a teenager (tan with an "SF" in a circle, the F extending into a downwards pointing arrow) but has the facial hair to indicate he's an adult. Sal has his arms at his sides and his eyes, visible through the mask, are visibly smiling. Ash also has a hand on Sal's back. She's wearing a black collar akin to her teenage sprite's, a long sleeved purple shirt showing off a bit of her stomach. Her auburn hair is cut into a bob. Todd stands to the side, arms crossed but still smiling warmly to like the others. He has noticeable facial hair as well but his hair is shorter than his main world adult form.

This is a redraw of a photo visible in episode 5 of Sally Face.

Image description A drawing of Ash and Sal from Sally Face. Ash is a girl with light skin, green eyes, a skinny to average build, with short auburn hair. She's wearing a leather jacket with the sleeve rolled up as she looks at her exposed arm. Under her jacket is a purple shirt and she has on brown/grey pants and grey riding gloves. Behind her is Sal, currently floating off the ground and completely limp. Sal is a skeletal, zombie like figure at this point, having greyed, green tinged skin that clings to his skeletal form, his tattered, orange prison jumpsuit ripped away at points to show his visible ribs or gnarled hands. His head is tilted slightly to the side, adding to the visual of him being suspended against his own will, and his electric blue hair is in patches, missing on various points of his head. He has on a purple blindfold. Sal is glowing with a pale blue light.

This is a kind of redraw of a scene from Sally Face viewed from a different angle.

Image description A drawing showing Larry Johnson from Sally Face slumped against a wood paneled wall, dead. His eyes are sunken and greyed over, his features gaunt, and his skin sloughing off at multiple places, including his gums being exposed on one side of his mouth.

This is actually far from canon compliant but I wanted to draw Larry's decaying body. Most people found it, understandably, sad. But I think it offers some closure to know what happened to his body.

Image description A drawing of Percy and Annabeth from the Percy Jackson book series. Percy is leaning over with an arm around her shoulders and Annabeth has her arms crossed over her chest. Annabeth is a tanned girl with grey eyes, curly blonde hair sticking out in a ponytail from her blue baseball cap, and an orange t shirt with a black pegasus and the letters CHB on it. Percy is a man with medium tanned skin, sea green eyes, and messy black hair. He's wearing a blue hoodie over the same orange t shirt as Annabeth. Annabeth has a necklace that is a brown leather cord holding nine diversely designed clay beads, a branch of red coral, and a ring.

Apparently the end of 2023 was a big time for redraws for me. This is a redraw of that awkward official art of Percy and Annabeth but in my own style with my own designs. I recently read "Chalice of the Gods" and really enjoyed it, which inspired this.

Image description A drawing of Simon Petrikov from Adventure Time and Fionna And Cake. The drawing is from the shoulders up, showing him in an off white button down, black vest, and red bow tie. He has medium toned skin and dark brown hair that flares at the tips. He has a white stripe in his side swept bangs, showing his age along with wrinkles. He has round spectacles with blue tinted lenses.

So, my dad was trying to get me to play Sanitarium for years and I finally got it, played it, and LOVED it. So, here's the main character of Sanitarium with young Sal.

Image description

This one I drew after finally watching Fionna and Cake. I always liked Simon but now I like him even more.

I post most of my art to my tumblr!