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Ranking Horror Deaths

These are based off of my personal opinion. The Good (kills that have impressive special effects and good reasoning or are memorible in either emotional or visual regard), The Bad (kills that either leave me feeling like it was undeserved or that it was pointless/just to expand body count) and The Ugly (kills with memorably bad special effects). There's spoilers for multiple movies in this list

Three Equal Columns

The Good

The Hitchhiker in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Helen in The Candyman

Copper in The Thing

The Bad

Ben in Night Of The Living Dead

Adam in Saw

Randy in Scream 2

The Ugly

Tatum in Scream

Rick in Friday The 13th Part 3

Marge in A Nightmare On Elm Street

Horror I'm Into Right Now


I haven't been watching a ton of new movies recently but I have been playing a horror video game: Sally Face. I've also finally started reading The Sandman (By Neil Gaiman) after meaning to for years. I'm not far into the comic but I'm enjoying it so far. The gore is esquisit and the universe is facinating. Plus I'm adoring the baby gargoyle.

I would warn against playing Sally Face for anyone who thinks they may be emotionally compromised by certain subjects. The game doesn't shy away from much and there's not really any warning before showing some horrific stuff (which is part of what intrigued me). It's a point and click adventure and I highly recommend it to any horror fans who are willing to put aside any sensibilities. Sally Face is featured in my favourite gore

My VHS Horror Collection


Evil Dead II

Evil Dead III/Army Of Darkness



Scream 3

The Re-Animator

The Craft

The Thing

Robert Englund's Phantom Of The Opera

The Corpse Vanishes

The Vampire Bat

The Abominable Dr. Phibes

Halloween 5

Dawn of The Dead (2004)

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