Welcome to my art

7/14/2021. Keeping up the trend, its 3:13 AM. I've just finished this drawing. My grandparents are done visiting so I have less guilt about being up all night now. I feel like this looks a bit too hipster-ish for what I was going for but it looks fine and was good practice for the beard.

9/26/2022. Been over a year since I last uploaded. I've been drawing still but mostly just uploading it to my tumblr and the main site I've been working on is for a group of people. Anyway, here's some drawings!

Drew this one for the fourth of July. Not a big fan of the holiday but any excuse to draw Sally Face :)

Just an idea I had for a cover like if Sally Face was a comic book. Didn't flesh it out much.

Sal tuning his guitar :)

Myself as the cover of a Soul Eater manga!

Remember this drawing? Well, I redrew it. The original was from June 8th, 2021, this one is from September 25th, 2022.

Wow, I haven't updated in so long! Its currently Dec 21st of 2023. Over a year since my last post. I spent more of my time working on a colaborative website with some other people which took up all of my programming energy along with my portfolio website. Anyway, these are definitely not my only drawings recently but some of the ones I wanted to share. You can really see how my art has changed and, if I can be so bold, improved.

I post most of my art to my tumblr!