Welcome to my art

6/25/2021. I just finished this drawing of Travis. For once, it's day time (almost 6 pm). I need to make some dinner soon but I wanted to get this done first.

6/26/2021. Back to in the middle of the night. Its 4:04 AM and I just finished this. This is a pretty big spoiler for Sally Face but my idea was kind of the Larry we don't see as he became more powerful before returning in the final act.

6/27/2021. Its only midnight right now but I just finished this drawing of Robert. He's not much of a character but I really like his design.

6/28/2021. At 1 AM, I have just finished a drawing of Travis in a priest inspired outfit for the AU Lily and I have been working on for a few weeks. I like the idea of Travis pulling his shoulder length hair back into a little ponytail. I think it looks regal almost.

6/30/2021. 4:20 AM and I've just finished this for the AU I previously spoke of. Their designs are similar enough to canon that I could pass it off either way but tada. I spent multiple days on it and I'm very glad to have finished it and am pretty pleased with the end result.

7/3/2021. Almost 3 AM and I've just finished a drawing. I took a day off because the last drawing took so long and I was a bit artistically drained. But then I was thinking about Larry baby sitting Soda and I knew I had to draw that next. He's so proud of his niece.

I'll admit, I haven't been on to update my website however I have still finished art and remember the times at which I finished it so I will be posting them as if I hadn't just gotten around it it.

7/4/2021. The 4th of July. I can't say I'm super excited. I spent all day on this drawing and have finished at 9 PM, just in time to watch fire works. Braids are difficult to draw as is and only made more difficult if they're only partially assembled. Regardless, this felt like a nice scene to draw.

7/5/2021. 7 AM. The idea of me finishing a drawing at 7 AM may lead some to believe that I woke up early to finish it. In reality, I was up all night drawing and watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer with my dogs. I was worried about them as they may have gotten a corn cob but they seem perfectly fine. Certainly gave me time to draw and watch my show at least. Anyway, I really like Sally Face and for some reason I felt like it needed a cross over with Animal Crossing.

7/6/2021. It's about 1:30 AM. I won't get into it as there's not really anything to get into but I've had a bit of an emotional day. It left me wanting to draw something from Sally Face that was admittedly a bit raw and painful. I think I just needed to sketch something awful to calm down. I know, I know, I'm an edge lord. What would you expect from a website like this? Regardless, it felt good to finish.

7/7/2021. Almost 5AM. I've, once again, stayed up to finish a drawing. I'm starting to think I can't sleep with out finishing them sometimes. I had a pretty long (but fun!) day and barely had time to draw this. Its definitely less depressing than my last screenshot redraw seen above. This is based on a photo on the wall of Henry and Lisa's apartment in episode 4. There was good in episode 4, certainly, but man... what an ending...

7/12/2021. 3:40 AM. I've done a few sketches over the past few days but haven't done anything that felt polished enough to post. I uploaded the sketches to tumblr but I've just finished this. Sal likes to be tall.

7/13/2021. 5:59 AM. Good heavens I did not mean to stay up this later. I really really didn't. But I got this idea and as silly as it is, I couldn't sleep before drawing it! I like working with different consistencies in blood and bruises are oh so fun to draw.

I post most of my art to my tumblr!